Registrant Name Change

Instructions for Submitting a Registrant Name Change (RNC) Order

A Registrant Name Change (RNC) order is a formal request to transfer the ownership of a .au domain name from one registrant to another. This also includes updating your eligibility details, such as ensuring you have an active ABN/ACN associated with the domain name. Please ensure that the new registrant meets auDA's eligibility requirements and agrees to Melbourne IT's Terms and Conditions before proceeding.

Important Information:

Before you start the RNC process, please take note of the following:

  1. Current Registrant Email: Ensure that the email address of the current registrant is up to date and accessible. This email address will be used to approve the transfer of ownership.
  2. Domain Name Password: The new registrant will need the Domain Name Password for the domain in question. You can retrieve this password here or the existing registrant can access it through their Console Account
  3. Fees: A fee will be charged at the end of the RNC process. This fee includes the cost of a 1-year re-registration of the domain under the new registrant's details.

Should you need any support with this process please reach out to our team 03 8613 8426